Our Story
Blackburd was founded in London in 2018, with the intention of creating premium vegan outwear to confront the problem of animal cruelty in the luxury fashion world. Overtime we evolved into creating collections of sophisticated sustainable ready to wear clothes, and we have continued to grow online with customers predominantly in Britain, North America, and Europe. We innovate for conscious solutions and we make our progress public, so that customers and peers alike can learn, share, and grow with us.  

We are dedicated to reimagining the ways in which we think of luxury, by merging the concepts of both exclusivity and inclusivity, we've developed Blackburd to be the perfect brand in the middle, serving customers who sought after elegant smart-casual styles made from carefully sourced materials with small family owned manufacturers in Singapore, Spain and England. Today, We manufacture limited quantities, engage in circular production methods and only work with recycled and sustainable fabrics that are 100% animal cruelty free. Blackburd also offers customers the flexibility of requesting tailored alterations on selected items, as we believe in giving our customers the uttermost exquisite experience while promoting the normalisation ethical consumerism.