The Sunday Collection

When some people think of Sunday attire, ideas of comfy minimalist styles and light pastel tones come to mind, But for others, Sundays represent an opportunity to be yourself and stand out in bodacious occasional outfits. Blackburd's seventh collection embodies just that, A collection inspired by bright and busy maximalist pieces that experiments with striking colour combinations made from recycled  materials. What sets this collection apart from all the previous ones, is that half of the collection was hand-made in West Africa, Ghana, where our designer works with local Ateliers and fabric mills to produce chic sustainable pieces. Although we will continue producing some of our clothes in Europe, This marks the beginning of Blackburd's work in Africa both creatively and philanthropically,  with a new landscape to draw inspiration, learn from and give back to, we are excited to show what we have coming up in the next few collections and  reaffirming the ways in which luxury can be reimagined for everyone.

The Morning Glory


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The Timeless Collection

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